General Dentistry

General Dentistry

Integrity and honesty are the core values of our general dentistry at Rotondo Clinic. We are especially focused on patient care through every step of the journey to dental health. Adults and children alike can benefit from the wide range of dental solutions and state of the art facilities at Rotondo Clinic.

A great smile may be just one visit away and can be achieved with ease through patient education and a tailored solution comprising a proper maintenance regime and treatment plan. Treatment may be as simple as a proper oral health program right through to more complex procedures.

The range of general procedures includes tooth coloured fillings, wisdom teeth removal, preventative dentistry, sleep apnoea and snoring solutions, teeth grinding treatment, whitening and even custom made mouth guards.

Wisdom teeth that are impacted are commonplace and may be responsible for decay, gum infection, pressure from surrounding teeth or bone with accompanying pain. At Rotondo Clinic you can opt to have your wisdom teeth removed under local or general anaesthetic or alternatively, seek referral to an oral surgeon.

Dental hygiene and general health can be co-dependent, and are an integral part of our DNA at Rotondo Clinic. Please contact us to arrange a check-up using the contact form on this site or by calling us on (07) 3229 9333.