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We are a leading and trusted dental implants Brisbane clinic with local expertise and professionalism. A dental implant provides a fixed solution for a missing tooth root. Usually made from medical grade titanium, an implant is a “post” which is attached to and integrates with the bone structure of the jaw. If a single tooth has been lost due to an accident, it is highly unlikely that more than one implant will be required. However, if the tooth has been lost due to gum disease, general ill health or substance abuse, there may be the chance of recurring problems with other teeth and a more implants may be necessary.

If multiple teeth are missing, it is important that the gap be closed quickly to prevent surrounding teeth moving and the possible loss of bone in the area. The number of implants required will be decided on a case by case basis.

In some cases, where many teeth have been lost or bone density is poor, the technically advanced All-on-4™ procedure may be advised. Specialist Prosthodontist, Doctor Tony Rotondo has been performing the All on 4 protocol almost from the time of its invention and development by Malo Clinic. Dr Rotondo is one of Australia’s leading practitioners and is a prolific teacher to dentists everywhere. There are few people as qualified in Australia to perform the All on 4 procedure.

All-on-4™ is discussed in more detail on this website on the All-on-4™ page.

Teeth can be lost due to many reasons but there is no reason for you to live your life without teeth. Implants are now commonplace and are the universal answer to complex dental problems. Implants are safe and permanent and have the appearance and functionality of normal healthy teeth. Often, they have a better appearance than your own teeth!

Dental implants have developed into a well-researched and structured procedure and are today considered to be the accepted standard of care for a wide range of oral conditions. Research and development are an essential part of both Rotondo Clinic and the Next Smile group.

Doctor Tony Rotondo regularly conducts information seminars in addition to his courses for dentists, where you can attend free of charge to learn more about implant procedures, especially the All-on-4™ procedure. You may register your interest to attend to one of these seminars on the home page of this website.

What is All-on-4™?

all on 4 dental implants

All-on-4™ is a revolutionary approach developed over a decade ago by Paulo Malo. With the All-on-4™ procedure, placing a dental implant can be a quick and minimally invasive procedure. The Implants act as a foundation for the All-on-4™ Bridge, which allows the placement of a fixed set of teeth, similar in almost every way to natural teeth.

all on 4 dental implants

This technique stabilizes bone levels, keeping the jaws healthy. By tilting the posterior implant 45°, the All-on-4™ allows even those patients with very little bone to have fixed teeth without need of bone transplant. The result is a fixed (non-removable) natural looking dentition, almost indistinguishable from natural teeth.

Beautiful new teeth in just one visit

For most people, dental implants are the best solution to replace missing teeth. However, patients who lack sufficient bone volume may have been discouraged from having implant surgery performed or told they need to undergo time-consuming, costly and painful bone grafting procedure prior to placing dental implants.

With the All-on-4™ technique, most people can have beautiful teeth in a day, even if you have been told you are not a candidate for dental implants or are lacking enough bone for implants.

all on 4 dental implants

All-on-4™ Advantages

- Success rates similar to conventional techniques 98 percent in the lower jaw

- All done in a day - Traditionally it involves multiple procedures

- Natural-looking teeth that feel and work like your natural dentition

- Can usually be performed on patients with diabetes, osteoporosis or other health conditions that are often contraindications for bone grafting

- Highly hygienic – easy to maintain and clean

- Virtually eliminates the need for bone grafting - less invasive procedure

- Cost savings - typically about half the cost of conventional techniques

Is All-on-4™ the right solution for me?

At Rotondo Dental we will schedule a first appointment with the purpose of evaluating your current dental health. In this appointment we will advise you the best treatment options to fulfill your needs.

Many of our patients come to Rotondo Dental because they are unhappy with their existing teeth or denture and are seeking a fixed teeth alternative. Also, many patients have been discouraged from implants because they lack sufficient bone volume or suffer from some health problems that contraindicates conventional surgery. The All-on-4™ procedure is the right solution for people with significant bone loss, resulting in a full set of fixed and fully functioning upper and/or lower teeth.

Thousands of patients around the world have benefitted from this procedure, developed and continuously refined by Malo Clinic. If you suffer from any of these problems, the All-on-4™ is certainly the right solution for you.

What to expect

Placing a dental implant is a quick, minimally invasive procedure. At Malo Clinic an oral surgeon will do a careful initial evaluation to determinate the best treatment plan for your dental condition. The initial evaluation consists of a comprehensive examination and diagnostic imaging. With the help of a specific computer software program, a 3-dimensional image of your jaw is created. “Virtual implants” are placed in the 3D image to ensure accuracy at the time of your surgery. To facilitate the procedure and ensure quality, a trial fixed bridge is manufactured before the surgery.

While you wait for your prosthesis, performed at our lab – one of the best laboratories of fixed prosthesis in Australia, you have at your disposal an individual recovery room with total privacy and comfort. On that same day you will leave our Clinic with new fixed teeth and you will be able to eat, speak and smile with confidence.

Free information evenings

Specialist Prosthodontist Doctor Tony Rotondo conducts regular information evenings where you can speak directly with Tony or any of our healthcare professionals about your unique dental concerns. Implants are used as an alternative to partial or full dentures and for those who have lost or are about to lose all their teeth. They are also frequently used in the case of accident or injury resulting in loss of teeth and/or bone. The revolutionary All-on-4™ protocol was invented and developed by Paulo Malo and introduced in Brisbane by Dr Tony Rotondo and the Rotondo Clinic team.

At the FREE information webinar you will learn:

  • The best All-on-4™ procedure that will suit your situation
  • The benefits of All-on-4™ and a synopsis for the years ahead after the procedure
  • How the All-on-4™ procedure is performed
  • Patient requirements before, during and after treatment
  • Costs of the procedure including payment plans if required
  • How well you are suited to the treatment and what to expect
  • Any relevant medical considerations
  • Why Rotondo Clinic should be your only choice for this procedure

The evenings have been developed to give all patients access first hand to Doctor Tony Rotondo and his vast knowledge and expertise in the field of implant dentistry.

You will learn why Tony Rotondo partnered with Next Smile in the first instance to bring cutting edge technology to Brisbane. You will also learn about the range of materials used to make the implants, bridges and teeth and why you should only ever opt for the best quality materials when considering fully fixed teeth that look and operate just like your own natural teeth.