About Us

About Us


Rotondo Dental

Rotondo Dental is a contemporary practice established in 1989 by Tony Rotondo, he has been practicing dentistry at the highest level in Brisbane for over 25 years.

Tony Rotondo, specialist prosthodontist, is also a teacher. He has taught and mentored many of the states best dentists, he has an international reputation for work of exceptional quality and insightful teaching abilities. Partnering with Malo Clinics has been a best fit match, improving treatment resources and becoming part of a global group.

At Rotondo Dental we focus on service and care, we are passionate about creating a stress free environment for our patients. Your time at Rotondo Dental is important to us. We understand that we work for you. We have a contemporary approach to health, function and aesthetics. Honesty and excellence are Rotondo Dental’s priorities.


Malo Clinic Brisbane

Aiming to make the innovative techniques of Implantology and Cosmetic Dentistry available to the largest number of people and using medical protocols of the highest rigor and quality, Malo Clinic began its internationalization process. In 2007 Malo Clinic opened several clinics in strategically chosen cities in order to achieve a global footprint and establish the group as a world leader in its sector.

Malo Clinic has an expansion plan that includes the presence, by the end of 2017, of clinics, partnerships and affiliations in 25 of the world’s top cities.

Clinics currently include; Portugal (Lisbon, Porto, Coimbra, Portimão, Almada and Funchal); Angola (Luanda); Australia (Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth); China (Macau, Shanghai); Colombia (Bogota); Japan (Tokyo); Israel (Ramat Hasharon, Tel Aviv); Italy (Milan); Morocco (Casablanca); Poland (Warsaw); Spain (La Coruña, Madrid); United Kingdom (Teddington) and USA (New Jersey).

Throughout the years Malo Clinic has developed innovative techniques, protocols and products. Among these is the All-on-4™ concept, considered one of the major breakthroughs of the last 40 years in the field of Dentistry.

This approach makes it possible for people without teeth, even the most complex cases, to have fixed teeth in just one visit, with the placement of only 4 implants in each jaw. All done with a quick and minimally invasive procedure and without need of bone grafting. The All-on-4™ surgical technique was distinguished with 2010 COTEC-UNICER Innovation Prize.

As a result of its continuous investment on Research and Development, Malo Clinic’s team has co-authored several textbooks and published 80 scientific articles in numerous international peer-review journals.

Malo Clinic has developed several innovative products that are used by hundreds of dentist across the world. Many of those products were a result of sharing expertise and knowledge with our partners of excellence.

As well as a continuous process of Research and development, Rotondo Dental bases its mission on the highest standard of medical services, equipment, environment and patient amenities and is particularly focused on the quality of patient care.