Provisionals Plus [TBA]

Provisionals Plus [TBA]

Course Details:

Course: Provisionals Plus

Dates: Dates to be advised

Cost:  $5,000 + GST 

Venue: Next Smile Brisbane, Level 3, 106 Edward Street, Brisbane City, QLD

Presenter: Tony Rotondo

To register please email your interest to


Provisional restorations are the missing link between treatment planning and ultimately delivering on a good plan. Often, I have asked Szabi (my ceramist) what makes our cases work, his answer is always the same ”the provisionals”. Well made corrected provisional restorations test a treatment plan, refine tissue form and ultimately provide a framework for communicating the final outcome to both the the patient and the ceramist. Well made provisional restorations should make your professional life predictable by satisfying the  patients expectations before you complete a case.

…so then, How? That’s what this course is all about.

We will address and complete provisionals for the most complex cases. Ovate pontics, ceramic veneers and a full arch. This course will be 90% hands on, Its not a course for a beginner, you should have at least a moderate level of experience to make the most of this program.

You can’t fabricate all these provisional restorations without carrying out a lot of tooth preparation, so while this is not the primary purpose of the program many guidelines, tips and tricks regarding tooth preparation will be provided.

Course description:

Intensive 2 day lecture and hands on program designed to teach participants to deliver corrected provisional restorations based on a wax-up. Ovate pontics, veneers and a full arch case will be carried out by participants.

Learning objectives:

  • learn to provisionalise more complex cases.
  • understand the basics of modern tooth preparation

What to bring:

While all instrumentation will be provided, you should bring along your favourite restorative instruments and magnification.