Perio-plastic Procedures in Restorative Practice [August 2023] 

Perio-plastic Procedures in Restorative Practice [August 2023] 

This limited participant, intensive course will have didactic, live and hands on components.

The purpose of the course is to comprehensively understand the relationship between restorative dentistry, soft tissue health and soft tissue manipulation.
There will be a strong emphasis on perio-plastic surgical procedures including crown lengthening and connective tissue grafts, with live surgeries and hands on exercises specifically directed at developing skills in these techniques.

Other topics covered in this course include, biologic width and its importance to the restorative dentist, margin location, diastema closure, management of flat gingival architecture, management of rotated teeth, lastly ovate pontics will be comprehensively discussed with and emphasis on how to incorporate them into your clinical practice, this will include a hands on exercise.

Course description:

Intensive 2 day lecture and hands on program designed to teach participants a profound understanding of perio-prosthodontic relationships, including useful perioplastic procedures.

What to bring:

While all instrumentation will be provided, you should bring magnification loupes if you use them.


Course: Perio-plastic Procedures

Date: 3rd and 4th of August 2023

Cost: $5,500 including GST

Venue: Rotondo Clinic, Level 3 and 4 106 Edward Street, Brisbane City, QLD.

Presenter: Tony Rotondo

To Register: please email your interest to