Mini Residency in Prosthodontics [Sept, Oct, Nov 2023]

Mini Residency in Prosthodontics [Sept, Oct, Nov 2023]

A practical program designed for the general dentist including didactic and hands-on components:

• Diagnosis and treatment planning.

• Articulators, occlusal schemes, and concepts.

• Jaw registrations, diagnostic wax-ups, and provisional restorations.

• Sequencing of cases and multidisciplinary treatment.

• The use of splints.

• Literature reviews, and presentations from guest speakers.

• All we can teach you short of enrolling in a three year graduate program.

“I cannot speak highly enough about the Mini Residency in Prosthodontics. Every aspect of all three Modules of the program has either improved the quality of my day to day practice, or given me a proper understanding of basic and complex principles, that were brushed over at University or other CPD programs. I now feel confident taking on full mouth rehabilitation cases and would strongly recommend this program to anyone looking to improve their skillset. I just wish I’d done it sooner.” 

Jack Brazel, Class of 2018


Course: Mini Residency in Prosthodontics


Module 1 : 7 September 2023 – 9 September 2023

Module 2 : 12 October 2023 – 14 October 2023

Module 3 : 16 November 2023 – 18 November 2023

Cost: $7,290.00 (excluding GST) for each Module

Venue: Australian Dental Centre of Excellence, 154 Ipswich Road, Woolloongabba, 4102

Presenters: Dr Michael Mandikos and Dr Tony Rotondo