Implants in the Aesthetic Zone [April 2023]

Implants in the Aesthetic Zone [April 2023]

This is an intensive, 3 day lecture and hands on course on the prosthetic and surgical aspects relating the management of implants in the aesthetic zone. 

This course is well suited to intermediate and experienced practitioners with either an interest in surgical or prosthetic aspects of implant dentistry or both ( if your focus is one discipline, you need to intimately understand the other).

The aesthetic zone presents very specific challenges, achieving gingival and prosthetic harmony is a titanic task even in the simplest cases. This course is about one practitioners journey, an exploration of  surgical and prosthetic disappointments and a focus on the techniques that are providing relatively predictable results in this area of high demand. The program will include hands on sessions, live surgeries, didactic material and case presentations.

Practitioners should leave with a clear strategy for the management of most scenarios that present in the aesthetic zone.

Topics to be covered will include:

  • site development
  • immediate implant placement
  • socket preservation
  • connective tissue grafting and it’s relevance
  • prosthetic considerations 
  • Impression techniques
  • provisionalisation
  • development of pontic sites
  • the management of multiple missing teeth in the aesthetic zone
  • failures and complications


Course: Implants in the Aesthetic Zone

Date: 13th, 14th and 15th of April 2023

Cost: $7.500 including GST

Venue: Rotondo Clinic, Level 3 and 4 106 Edward Street, Brisbane City, QLD.

Presenter: Tony Rotondo

To register: Please email your interest to