Digital Dentistry Program [November 2023]

Digital Dentistry Program [November 2023]

Presented by Florin Cofar and Eric Van Doren

Florin is the developer and force behind smile cloud, he is also one of the world’s leading dentists and the worlds leading proponent of digital dentistry. 

Eric is a true master and revered throughout the world. 

Digital vs analogue vs balance. 

Is there only one best way …probably not. 

With a focus on interdisciplinary treatments, particularly perio-prosthetic applications, watch two masters compare and contrast digital and analogue techniques in the management of similar cases. Where is the sweet spot?

Find out how to integrate digital workflows into you daily routine. Learn the strengths and limitations of digital dentistry. Most importantly improve your understanding in managing complex cases. 

There will also be some hands on digital treatment planning hands on. computers will be required. 


Defining and achieving success in interdisciplinary cases.

Day 1 – Fundamentals

  • Basics on natural teeth and implants.
  • Soft tissue management and resective crown lengthening procedures. 
  • Additive grafting.
  • Design process parallel: analog vs digital techniques. 

Day 2 – Interdisciplinary design and treatment planning. 

  • How to capitalise on the synergies between orthodontics, surgery and restorative dentistry. 
  • Design decisions and implications: understanding the different layers of digital data, the impact of design decisions on treatment outcomes, going through the many options and limitations by taking advantage of digital tools.
  • Treatment roadmap consolidated in the initial design to with a view to facilitating true interdisciplinary treatment and sequence. 
  • Treatment planning and it’s execution.
  • Exploring available technologies: increased efficiency, precision, and predictability and, in the end, providing better patient care.

Day 3 – Bottlenecks

  • Identifying and managing the key digital bottlenecks
  • Functional and biological integration at the rehabilitation level.
  • Maintenance and complications on natural teeth and implants.
  • Re-treatments and their implications. 


Understanding the RAW protocol

RAW is a complete digital workflow for copying natural morphology, individualised and simplified.

The protocol published in Quintessence in 2017 is the underlying subject in this 3-day intensive course.

Traditionally in analogue workflows the dentist preps the restorative space and the technician creates restorations according to prep. In the digital space, treatment is always guided by design. This program will explain how to design using biometric libraries, generating imperfection and harmony, with the help of nature’s unlimited collection of designs.

Initial documentation

Traditionally, it takes several in-person patient appointments for the dentist to collect all the information needed to proceed with an aesthetic treatment plan.

These consultations require a significant amount of time and effort by the entire restorative team. This includes many hours spent developing wax-ups and putting together the treatment plan. The “digital clone” is a modern approach of the consultation appointments, in which all data collected are synthesised and assembled digitally for treatment planning. Thus, digital records are obtained: STL, DICOM, Modjaw and a photo-video. This combination of data compiles the “patient digital clone”. This eliminates the need for the patient to be present during multiple treatment planning sessions and multiple appointments among different specialists.

Treatment guided by design

The visual representation of the treatment plan is achieved in the 2D design. Smilecloud design combines input from the user, facial references and how the user designs the restorative space in 2D. With AI it will search and find real time shapes matching the criteria. It takes into account tissue architecture, line angle architecture, restorative space, proportions and several other factors to search through a vast library of natural shapes. These are rendered in real time as a virtual mock-up on the face. Once the 2D is accepted by the patient, the 3D designs are carried out. The same library used for the 2D is downloaded and used for all 3D designs. Using the same library preserves the original design.

Florin Cofar is the foremost international speaker on digital workflows.

In 2015 his team developed RAW: a clear protocol for gathering patient data, planning, design and treatment of restorative cases. The workflow was inspired by innovative concepts such as the skin technique by Paulo Kano and DSD planning by Christian Coachman.


Location: Rotondo Clinic – Education Facility  Level 3 and 4, 106 Edward Street, Brisbane

Dates: 2nd, 3rd and 4th of November 2023 

Cost: $7,500.00 plus GST

Presenter: Florin Cofar, Erik Van Doren

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