Nervous Patients

Nervous Patients

Why are we scared of the dentist? Some people would rather bungee jump or parachute out of a perfectly good aeroplane than pay a simple visit to the dentist! But it’s an irrational fear.

There are now a range of nerve settling solutions if you’re a nervous patient and you can rest assured that patient comfort and care are taken very seriously at Rotondo Dental. We offer Nitrous Oxide sedation, intravenous sedation or complete general anaesthetic as solutions for your anxiety.

Nitrous Oxide is often referred to as “laughing gas”. It may also be called Relative Analgesia, RA, Happy Gas, Gas & Air, Nitrous and N20. There are approximately four levels of sedation that can be achieved with Nitrous Oxide and this level will be decided and administered by the dentist at the time of the procedure.

  1. Tingling in the arms and legs or a feeling of vibrating.
  2. Warm sensations.
  3. Feeling of euphoria, well-being, floating. During heavier sedation, hearing may dissolve into a constant electronic throbbing.
  4. Deeper again, sleepiness and difficulty speaking will be experienced.

In intravenous sedation a small dose of general anaesthesia is given to render the patient sleepy but not unconscious. The patient can then still assist by following simple instructions. A patient will usually lose all recollection of the time and the procedure immediately after.

General anaesthetic is available and results in complete sleep for a short period for the patient. It is administered under strict supervision.