Payment Options


How much will All on 4 cost?

At Rotondo Clinic we offer pricing right here on our website so that you know exactly how much you’re looking to spend. If All-on-4® isn’t the right treatment for you or is entirely out of reach, we can provide other treatment alternatives suited to your needs and financial situation.

An All-on-4® single arch (top or bottom) costs $27,000, excluding anaesthetic costs. You receive a comprehensive diagnosis, implant surgery performed by a Malo-trained dental surgeon, treatment at a state-of-the-art All-on-4® purpose-built clinic complete with on-site laboratory, your first and second set of teeth, detailed monitoring during the healing phase and comprehensive and caring aftercare.

If the Rotondo Clinic All on 4 price seems out of your reach, that’s where the payment plan can be implemented. Talk to us about how we can make dental reconstruction and the All-on-4® treatment affordable for you using third-party providers like SuperCare, National Dental Plan or MediPay. Your complete All on 4 surgery and care plan might cost you as little as $150 per week.

What are my options if I can’t afford it?

If you are diagnosed as a suitable candidate for All on 4 but you are financially challenged, the Rotondo Clinic may still be able to assist with an alternative treatment. However, missing teeth shouldn’t be ignored.

Besides the obvious effects on your appearance and confidence, they can lead to other long-term negative consequences. If you have missing teeth, the surrounding teeth can shift to fill the gaps in your smile, and that shifting can lead to an irregular bite and crooked teeth that are harder to clean. The jawbone density can weaken from lack of use, and further tooth loss will soon follow. Exposed pockets in the gum give bacteria a chance to creep in, causing gum disease and before too long other health issues may follow.

An All-on-4® payment plan can restore your health, happiness and self-confidence while leaving enough money in your budget to cover your weekly expenses.

Book a consultation.

If you need more information about the All-on-4® method and what’s involved in an All-on-4® payment plan, the Rotondo Clinic is happy to answer your questions.

You’ll find more information on what the All on 4 protocol is elsewhere on this site or you can phone and talk to a consultant at any time.

No matter what treatment is prescribed, you can rest assured that the team of professionals at Rotondo Clinic have your personal well being and comfort in mind throughout your entire patient journey and beyond. Dr Tony Rotondo owns and operates a “care focused” clinic with a large number of trusted professional colleagues.

Take the first step and you will be on the way to a new and confident YOU!

Health Fund Rebates

You will be able to claim benefits from your health insurer as we itemise treatment using the Australian Dental Association Glossary of Item Codes. Your health insurance claim can be processed during your visit as we have HICAPS. You will need to pay the gap.

Payment Plans

Get a fast, easy dental payment plan to suit your budget through our finance partners, NDP and MediPay. You can check your eligibility immediately and apply online in under 10 minutes. To go directly to the MediPay application, click here.