Patient Journey – Here’s What to Expect

Patient Journey

Initial Consultation

Required in order to discuss your concerns and wishes for an improvement in overall dental appearance and hygiene. You may have misaligned, loose or missing teeth and may have been advised that you are not a candidate for dental implants. You may also be embarrassed about your dental appearance or dental hygiene if there is gum disease or your teeth are mobile.

At Rotondo Clinic, we have highly qualified professionals who are well versed in dealing with and discussing your dental problems and the associated social stigmas attached to them in a caring, patient focused manner.

At this consultation, a thorough dental examination will be carried out in order to determine the most suitable treatment option to fully rehabilitate a functional dentition.

X rays of your jawbone will be taken, along with dental impressions and photographic imaging to gain a complete picture of your current situation and the possibilities available for your specific case.

The solution may be in the form of single or multiple implants or a bridge anchored on two, three, four or more implants or, in the best case scenario, restoration of your existing teeth.

Diagnosis and preparation of recommended treatment course

If a multiple implant solution is required (usually All-on-4), our dental technicians and prosthetists will begin the manufacture of the provisional teeth you will receive shortly after surgery, based on the study models, X rays and photographs taken. These teeth are often fitted on the same day as your surgery or within the next 24 hours. 


This important date will completely transform your life!

If implant surgery is required, the appropriate number of Nobel Biocare titanium implants will be inserted into the jaw, providing the foundation needed for the provisional teeth you will receive on this day or within 24 hours. 

These implants will also, over time, become part of your jaw as the bone around each implant heals and bonds to the titanium, locking the implant in place. 

After fitting of the provisional teeth, you will be shown your brand new smile and this moment in time will stay with you forever.

You will now have fully functioning teeth that allow you to eat, drink, smile, laugh and generally enjoy life without fear of judgement.

Post Surgery

While you are enjoying your new life, the Rotondo Team will be putting the final touches to your permanent teeth in readiness for your final fitting. The time between surgery and final fitment can vary depending upon the assimilation of the implant into the jawbone and the stability of all implants. The swelling that occurs during surgery will also be long gone, allowing for perfect placement and completely natural appearance in line with your preferences and expectations. This process takes anything between 4 to 6 months depending on each individual case. 

You are now ready for a lifetime of teeth that are the closest possible alternative to having your own teeth.


This fifth and final step requires you to simply continue to follow the prescribed instructions from your Rotondo professional team. Maintenance is easy but completely necessary for you to obtain the maximum benefit from this transformative procedure. Your teeth will, of course, not be prone to decay but you will still be required to observe good dental hygiene including professional cleaning from time to time.